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Why you should choose us

Environmental friendliness

The Green Climber LV600 machine is fitted with a so-called DPF filter that automatically removes carcinogenic and very fine dust particles


The machine operates quickly, efficiently and precisely, which saves time when clearing large areas.


The Green Climber LV600 can work with a workload of 10 workers, which saves up to 20% in price compared to manual operation.

Maximum security

Forget about risky activities with a chainsaw or maneuvers on steep slopes with the mower.

No more unnecessary waste

After clearing with the Green Climber LV600, there is no unnecessary waste material produced.

Our services

Ecological, professional and safe clearance of overgrown land

  • Clearing of overgrown land with lush unwanted plants
  • Clearing of overgrown land with dense bushes
  • Clearing of unmaintained lawns
  • Clearing of overgrown areas with dense trees
  • Land preparation for construction work
  • Preparation of land for the establishment of a garden and lawn
  • Clearing of hard-to-reach areas (roads, railways, mud, etc.)
  • Mulching the edges of roads, meadows, urban and municipal grasslands
  • Preparation of an application for the felling of bushes and trees