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Our services

Land clearance

Complete clearing of public or private land from plant cover, trees, bushes even in rough terrain with the powerful Green Climber LV600 machine, which works quickly, ecologically and saves not only your costs, manpower, but especially your time.

Land mulching

Maintaining large lawns is a tedious and time-consuming job. It does not end with mowing itself. The grass must be raked, processed or taken away. However, you don’t have to do anything of that with our machine – just turn it on and it will grind the already mown grass into small particles, which will be released on the surface…

Chipping of branches, crushing and milling of wood

Cutting of trunks of bushes, trees and overgrown trees up to a thickness of 140 mm with a forestry milling cutter is a piece of cake for us. We will also take care of stumps sticking out of the ground and chipping of fallen bushes, trees etc., which we transport directly to the collection point. Or we can process it…

Soil conditioning with a rotovator

If you need to prepare the soil for construction, lawn or gardening season, we can help you crush it to a depth of 14 cm. We will also clean it of stones and root systems, which could cause problems when sowing a lawn. At the same time, we loosen and aerate the soil so that the necessary nutrients penetrate better.

Preparation of an application for the felling of bushes and trees in accordance with applicable legislation

Completing formalities and various permits is a lengthy and annoying process. Leave it to us. During the personal inspection of the land, we will assess on the spot whether the consent of the nature protection authority will be required. If so, we will prepare the necessary documents and submit them directly to the relevant office. Subsequently, nothing will prevent the…

How the process goes

  • You make a request – based on the order, we will arrange a field inspection with you so that we can determine the scope of the total work and the price.
  • After evaluation, we will send you our price offer.
  • After your approval, we will start preparing the necessary legislative permits. These are mainly applications for the felling of trees and bushes.
  • After approval of all required documents, we proceed to the process of clearing the land itself – mowing, milling of stumps, mulching, removal of woody plants, chipping and other activities.
  • Handing over a cleared land to the client.